How We Help Our Insureds

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Implementing risk management best practices is the best defense against adverse events and claims. To help you adopt these best practices, MPIE offers continuing medical education programs that address both clinical and administrative risk management issues and recommendations.

Our course offerings reflect the latest research and analysis related to patient safety and risk management. We also provide personalized risk management solutions developed and delivered based on committee input, claims data (general, specialty, hospitals and other sources) and assessment trends. When a risk is identified, we are here to advise and assist you to protect your practice.

Disclaimer: This information is a risk management resource and not legal, compliance, technical, or clinical advice. This information may refer to specific regulatory or legal issues that may not be relevant to all organizations or locations. Consult individual advisors or legal counsel for guidance on specific organizational issues. Medical or clinical information presented is for educational purposes only and does not replace independent professional medical judgment. The information is to guide clinicians in patient care management and not establish a medical standard of care. The clinician should defer to applicable prevailing medical authorities. This information may not be reproduced or distributed without the express, written permission of MPIE.

Core Services

Core services to support safety offered by MPIE include:

Resource Library

A library of various resources for both hospitals and physicians is available for our insureds.

Risk Advisors Hotline

MPIE maintains a team of risk advisors available to support your needs via a dedicated risk management email or by telephone. The team is available to support your needs with proactive approaches to risk reduction.

If you have a risk management situation or question that may benefit from consultation, please contact MPIE at (616) 202-1997 or email MPIE Risk Management

Claims Management

MPIE specializes in a results-focused claims methodology. Our team is dedicated to keeping you informed and providing guidance through the resolution of your claim. We will vigorously defend all non-meritorious claims to protect your professional reputation and provide you with peace of mind.

Conference Support Stipend for Risk Managers

Risk management leaders may be eligible for sponsorship to attend a national conference (i.e. ASHRM, patient safety or quality improvement).

ECRI E-Alert Subscription

Each insured receives the on-line publication produced by ECRI. This subscription includes tools and content to enhance your risk management program. This publication is considered a leading resource.

Additional Services

Toolkits for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Toolkits for hospitals and healthcare facilities root cause analysis (RCA) and critical event/serious safety event investigations to guide internal staff and to assist in standardizing your approach are available. These include checklists and guides for best practice outcomes.

Symposiums / Networking Program​

Insureds are eligible for risk manager & large group practice leaders educational meetings and networking events hosted annually. We work collectively on proactive approaches to enterprise risk management and clinical risk management topics. Clinicians are included in these meetings based on topic selection.

Risk Management Program

MPIE offers a comprehensive review of the organizations risk management and patient safety program. This assessment may include document review, interviews, and medical record audits. The outcome of this review aids in enhancing the risk management program strategy with the goal of patient safety and proactive risk reduction.

Clinical Risk Management Assessments

Our unique process for risk assessments is related to the proprietary indicators based on national claims trends and best practice standards known to decrease patient harm while reducing the likelihood of adverse outcomes. These are referred to as "critical indicators" that measure performance and improvement over time. These services are provided by the MPIE subsidiary consultancy company ERC. Contact ERC for more information and specific details regarding these assessments.

Claims Data Analytics and Taxonomy

MPIE uses an innovative and proprietary coding taxonomy for a superior understanding of medical malpractice claim causes and trends. Claims are coded based on all available clinical and legal documentation, including medical records, court filings, expert analysis, and court records. In-depth analysis allows unparalleled investigation into contributing factors and risks. Knowledge of malpractice risks will enable us to better prepare for all aspects of defense strategy. Additionally, it helps us leverage opportunities to identify and address issues that may lead to professional liability claims. This focus on risk management ensures we are best positioned to prevent and mitigate threats to providers and organizations.


Our committees are a vital part of gaining input from our insureds, driving patient safety and risk reduction.

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