Our Why

The core of what we do

Personalized service is at the very core of what we do. If insureds need us, we’re here to support them. It’s about protection, partnership and value, backed by an experienced team of professionals who are invested in our insureds and their patients as well as the communities in which we all live.

Do you have an issue that needs attention? Contact us and we’ll help you find an answer.

MPIE lives by the statement: “Services you need; partnership you deserve.”


MPIE is here to support you

Whether through education, communication or service, MPIE is here to support you. We’re committed to building relationships and walking beside our insureds. 

Have a question? Contact us and we’ll answer.

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What some our insureds have to say about MPIE:

Return of Profits

MPIE is committed to providing value beyond coverage. We do this through expert and reliable service, by returning profits and relentlessly defending our insureds’ good practice of medicine.

The MPIE Advantage

Value, Protection, Partnership

Whether through education, communication, or service, MPIE is here to support our clients. It’s all about building relationships and walking beside our clients as their partner. Have a question? Contact us and we’ll answer.

Verdict Shield

An additional $1M of coverage for any claims that are taken to trial with a verdict against the named insured with no additional charge. This is a per named insured or a group benefit. A minimum coverage of $1M is required.

Trial Reimbursement

For reasonable expenses, including loss of earnings for attendance at your own trial. The maximum reimbursement available is $1,000 per half day or $2,000 per full day, with a $30,000 aggregate per provider per claim.

License Investigation

Includes legal counsel, a maximum $25,000 per scheduled provider / $100,000 aggregate policy limit. License investigation limits are in addition to the applicable limit of liability.

Medical Billing

Provides coverage for audits, investigations or disciplinary proceedings related to medical billing activity, at a maximum limit $50,000 per scheduled provider / $150,000 aggregate policy limit. Medical Billing limits are in addition to the applicable limit of liability.

Cyber / Regulatory Coverage

For the group, a $50,000 / $300,000 aggregate on a claims made basis with defense costs paid within the limits. Higher limits for Cyber Security coverage are available.

Defence Costs

Are unlimited and paid outside of the limits.

Profit Sharing / Loyalty Program

Offered through our Subscriber Savings Account (SSA). This program is based on loyalty and years insured, and includes an award component for the safe practice of medicine. Since MPIE's inception in 1988, the average percent of premium returned to our insureds is 26%.

Annual Reports

2020-2021 Annual Report

To coin an exhausted expression, these have been “unprecedented times.” As the pandemic swept across our nation, shutting down our world and causing chaos and uncertainty, it was our healthcare providers that were front and center. The heroic efforts of healthcare providers in the face of peril demonstrated the dedication to saving lives, healing, and caring that healthcare providers do every day. We all witnessed the instinct showed in placing patient well-being over personal safety. This phenomenon was like the Hippocratic Oath come to life, on full display around the clock, day after day, for over a year. We observed healthcare workers answering the call around the world, the double and triple shift days, and front line workers putting their lives on the line for total strangers who walked, wheeled, or were carried into the ICU by doctors, nursing staff, EMTs, lab technicians, and so many others – some who were dressed in full PPE, and some with almost no protection at all.

2019-2020 Annual Report

Throughout 2019 and into 2020, MPIE focused on innovation, diversification and creation. This focus resulted in positive outcomes for MPIE, our insureds, partners, and patients in the communities we serve. We approached the COVID-19 challenge with the same focus—moving the organization to embrace virtual technology, a remote working environment, and virtual approaches to client support.

An Experienced Team Like No Other

Our leadership knows the industry

One of the greatest assets for MPIE is the talent and experience of the MPIE staff. When asked what makes us different, we emphasize our people and our focus on our insureds. MPIE staff have depth and breadth in the medical professional liability (MPL)industry  with experience and knowledge that includes:

  • A past president/CEO of national consulting firms, senior vice president of global risk management and loss control and a national professional liability third party administrator.
  • Financial expertise in the MPL industry over 30 years.
  • Risk management and patient safety leadership including past president and Board members for the MI (MSHRM) and national (ASHRM) risk management societies.
  • Legal nurse consultants, nurse case management and clinical experts.
  • Attorneys with a vast range of experience including MPL litigators.
  • Claims staff certified in claims management.
  • Underwriting expertise with the highest credentials of CPCU.

MPIE staff have also held leadership roles in provider relations, business development, marketing, risk management, underwriting, financial, actuarial, reinsurance, regulatory, compliance and information systems functions, they are also sought-after speakers and writers in their areas of expertise. 

But perhaps most important of all the leadership of MPIE has a long history of serving the company including the CFO who has been with MPIE since the formation of the company in 1988. Our team is dedicated, knowledgeable and committed to the MPIE mission and to serving our clients.

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A few designations held by the MPIE leadership team include: