Coverages & Services

For over 32 years, our insureds have relied on MPIE for insurance coverage and services geared to their specific practice needs, specialties, and geographic locations.

As an insured, you will have a number of coverage options, which include direct access to our expert underwriting services, and if eligible, the financial benefits of our Subscriber Savings Account. 

Above all else, our team is dedicated to providing you with the information and support you need when you need it. 

Our Coverages

General Liability Coverage (Hospital and Healthcare Organizations)

General liability coverage may be included as an additional option for coverage on existing hospital or healthcare organization professional liability coverage policies. It may also be included under a TPA contract or offered as a stand-alone coverage, with MPIE board approval. This coverage is intended to protect an insured from claims alleging bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and other claims that may arise from normal business operations. Contact an underwriting expert for assistance with determining your specific coverage needs.


The MPIE underwriting staff has earned the highest level of expertise and certification available in the industry. This expertise helps ensure that applicants are presented with the most current and critical options for insurance solutions specific to their practice specialty and business model. Our underwriters are your advocates for the long run, and they will work with you as your needs, practice, or organization evolve.

You can look to our team to help you sort through changes, including:

If you’re uncertain whether changes that might affect your policy, our underwriters are here to help ensure you have the best, most appropriate and most current coverage.

Glossary of Terms

A written notice, demand, lawsuit, in which a demand is made for money or a bill reduction, and which alleges injury, disability, sickness, disease or death of a patient arising from the rendering or failing to render professional services.
A type of policy in which coverage is limited to liability only for those claims that arise from incidents or events that both happen and are reported to the insurance company while the policy is in force.
A policy provision that requires an insured’s consent before the insurer can settle a claim.
A type of policy in which the insured is covered for any incident that occurs (or occurred) while the policy is (or was) in force, regardless of when the incident is reported or when it becomes a claim.
The contract between an insurance company and its insured. The policy defines what the company agrees to cover for what period of time and describes the obligations and responsibilities of the insured.

Coverage that provides protection for a variety of cyber-related exposures including:

  • Ransomware
  • Hacking/Phishing scams
  • Lost or stolen laptops
  • Improper disposal of records
  • Unauthorized use of photos and images

MPIE offers at no additional charge to insureds, cyber liability and audit coverage.
Coverage maximum provided at $50,000 per covered breach event, audit, investigation, or disciplinary proceeding including fees and costs incurred by appointed counsel.

A common claim practice used to achieve cost effective resolution of claims that involve the breach of the standard of care causing patient harm.

Coverage that protects against all claims arising from professional services performed while the eligible policy was in effect but reported after termination of the policy. A claims made or modified claims made policy are eligible for this coverage.

Coverage that provides shared limits for a specific term for a physician or advanced practice professional who is temporarily substituting for a MPIE insured provider should the insured be absent from his or her regular practice for such occasions as vacation or maternity leave.

Coverage that provides an additional limit for a claim that results in a verdict against an insured for covered damages. Payments of damages under this coverage do not reduce the applicable per claim or policy aggregate limit and are provided per event, per named insured.

MPIE will reimburse a portion of expenses incurred by an insured provider from the request to assist in the investigation and defense of a claims, including actual loss of earnings for attendance at the insured provider’s own hearing or trial.

MPIE will pay for the reasonable costs of responding to an audit of the Insured’s medical billing conducted by the federal, state or local government, or by any private health insurer. MPIE will also pay for the costs of responding to an investigation or disciplinary proceeding conducted by the federal, state or local government, or by a private health insurer, arising out of any allegations of Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud or other allegedly fraudulent billing activity, made against the Insured.

MPIE will pay for the reasonable costs of responding to any investigation conducted by federal, state, or local government pertaining to a medical or pharmaceutical license, for conduct that would otherwise be covered under the terms of the policy, and during the policy period.

Coverage available to providers insured on a Claims Made policy with a shared limit when they have left the employment of the Insured. This allows the departed provider to have reporting coverage, so long as the Insured has a policy with MPIE or has purchased tail coverage. Coverage is available for the period between the retro date and the termination date.

A no-fault coverage available with General Liability coverage. It is for visitors that are injured at your facility. This coverage can assist with an inquired party’s medical out-of-pocket expenses. It reduces the policy holder’s risk of litigation and defense costs for potential allegations of ordinary negligence and premises liability.