When/What to Report

Early reporting of a claim or incident helps reduce costs and can help our insureds reach a better outcome. Once notified, MPIE can assist and coordinate the defense of our insured. Consistent with your policy all claims, demands, summons or receipt of legal papers needs to be reported right away to ensure timely action on your behalf. These include reporting any:

  • Lawsuits (S&C)
  • Notice of Intent (NOI)
  • Claims
  • Incidents
  • Requests for deposition assistance
  • Giving Assistance to Patients & Providers (GAPP) referrals/unexpected outcomes

Based on the circumstances of a reported event and your specific policy coverage, reporting requirements may vary. If you have questions as to whether an event requires reporting, MPIE can assist in determining the appropriate course of action.

Early reporting is key. This allows MPIE to start handling a claim immediately, provide prompt assistance and determine liability and exposure. Early reporting will also:

  • Assist in preserving data that may be useful in analyzing or defending a potential claim
  • Ensure that legal requirements are met, minimizing potential litigation issues
  • Aid in help with an early and economical resolution (if appropriate)

MPIE’s duty to defend against or to cover losses related to a claims covered under your policy is strictly conditioned upon any forwarding, as soon as is practicable, notice of every claim, demand, summons or receipt of legal paper an insured receives.

Your policy has specific reporting requirements and should be referenced for further detail.

Working With You To Handle Claims

Individualized to your situation

A collaborative process

Thorough reviews by medical experts

Protective of your right to consent to settle

Consultative approach to ensure the most effective defense strategy

Includes secure uncapped defense costs in addition to policy limits

Institutional Clients and Employed Providers

Before reporting your event to MPIE you should notify your internal risk or practice manager and follow any internal event report system protocol required.