Provider Loss Prevention Program (PLPP)

Receive up to a 15% discount on your premiums

MPIE’s Provider Loss Prevention Program (PLPP) requires physicians and advanced practice professionals to participate in annual risk and patient safety education to receive a maximum 15% premium incentive discount. Providers receive information about eligible education by email and on the MPIE website. Specific program requirements are provided to all newly insured providers and are available by contacting MPIE.

Premium Incentive Discounts for Loss Prevention

New MPIE insureds may be eligible to receive a premium incentive discount when they join MPIE. To maintain the discount, insureds must complete the education requirement within their first nine months of coverage.

Premium incentive discounts earned in the activity due year will be applied to the next policy renewal; a retroactive application will not apply.

Non-MPIE Sponsored Activities

MPIE insureds may be eligible for the premium incentive discount when completing risk and patient safety courses not sponsored by MPIE. Course content and materials must be evaluated and approved by MPIE before the activity. You can submit your proposed activity or program information by email to MPIE risk management at Proof of completion, program duration, program handouts or slides are also required for program eligibility review. Contact MPIE risk management for more information or questions.

Premium credit is not guaranteed.

It is the responsibility of the insured physician to ensure MPIE’s Risk Management department has received and/or recorded the activity for which credit is desired. It is recommended that proof of receipt of activity submission or record of educational activity, dated during the appropriate time window for credit due, be obtained from MPIE in written or email format.

Appropriate format of confirmation receipts include: emails, letters, and certificates of program attendance issued by MPIE. For office activity submissions: fax confirmations (showing date, time, recipient phone number, and successful transmission) or certified mail receipts may also be used. In the event of a disputed credit status, the written confirmation of activity receipt will be required for consideration of any retro or future policy credit application.

All credit discounts earned in the activity due year will be applied to the subsequent year policy renewal, retroactive application of activity for credit is not allowed.

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