Educational Opportunities

Improving patient care and safety through education and risk management

At the heart of MPIE’s mission is improving patient care and enhancing patient safety through education and risk management services. We are committed to providing quality, relevant and accessible education programs. Insureds can select from a variety of online courses, seminars, and webinars. In addition, meeting our educational requirements and eligibility criteria may earn members a 15 percent premium discount on insurance coverage.

Our programs are designed and developed with our insureds’ individual needs in mind. We listen to you, recognize your needs and tailor our programs as needed.

Beginning in 2022, the webinars on the website will not satisfy the premium discount, please reach out to MPIE Risk Management to receive your education for the year. Thank you!

Webinar Education

We provide regular webinars with national experts on various topics such as risk management, regulatory matters, claims lessons and patient safety. We also offer mock depositions and closed claims reviews on-site for your providers.

On-Site Education

When possible, we provide on-site education for leadership, physicians and nursing staff audiences on various risk management and patient safety topics. Generally this occurs for one topic and location per year.