COVID-19 FAQs on Coverage and Resources

We created the following information to answer the most frequently asked questions about policy coverage and related issues during this public health emergency. 

Q: If I need to expand my scope of practice (outside of my specialty) to care for patients impacted by COVID-19, am I covered under my MPIE policy?

A: Yes, practicing outside your specialty in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency does not impact coverage under your MPIE policy. We ask that you notify us of the change in writing as soon as practicable at

Q: Am I covered under my MPIE policy if I volunteer to treat patients affected by COVID-19?

A: Yes, your MPIE policy will respond if you volunteer to deliver care in support of the COVID-19 emergency. Please notify us of your volunteer work in writing as soon as practicable at

Q: If I conduct telehealth or virtual office visits instead of in-person care, do I need a coverage change for my MPIE medical liability policy?

A: No, this does not require a coverage change, but you need to notify MPIE Underwriting. Please send an email to, letting us know you are adding telehealth services to your practice. You can provide care via telehealth, and we encourage our providers to do so when able. Providing telehealth services also will not impact your premium. MPIE has an E-Alert on risk management best practices on telemedicine available on our website:

Q: I am a former MPIE insured (retired) and am returning to practice to help in the emergency. Will this impact my tail coverage?

A: No, there will be no impact on your tail coverage if you are returning to practice because of the public health emergency and receiving only expense reimbursement. It will also not affect your extended reporting period or premium waiver with MPIE

Q: What risk management resources and recommendations are available for healthcare providers to respond to COVID-19?

A: MPIE Risk Management created several just in time E-Alerts with resources; these have been sent to our insureds. The E-Alerts and resources may be found at:

Q: What premium relief is available?

A: MPIE Underwriting is working with our insured providers and groups to make arrangements for premium relief assistance, please contact MPIE Underwriting at or 616/202-2288 option 2.