Tiptoeing Through the Minefield: Lessons from an Employment Litigator

Many employers mistakenly assume that the employment at will doctrine insulates them from legal claims arising out of employee discipline and discharge decisions. But the modern patchwork of statutory protections for employees create many potential risks for an employer unaware of the individuals and activities protected by law, or the most common situations giving rise to claims. This first webinar in a two-part series uses war stories from employment litigation to demonstrate the risks involved with Human Resources decisions.  By reviewing common traps and pitfalls, and real-world examples of what employers did right and what they did wrong, this webinar illustrates the HR best practices you should implement in an entertaining way.

Learning Objectives:

Participation in this seminar will better enable learners to:

  • Understanding the employment at will doctrine, including both its protections and its limitations;
  • Understanding how to recognize potential litigation risks associated with employee discipline and discharge decisions;
  • Understanding how to mitigate those risks with best practices related to personnel management, Human Resources functions, and documentation; and
  • Avoiding common traps for the unwary.

Date of Webinar

May 11, 2021 12:00 pm

Presented By

Dean F. Pacific/Partner
Dean Pacific
Allyson R. Terpsma/Associate
Dean Pacific

Type of Webinar

Physicians & Advanced Practice Professionals