2021 RM & PS Networking Program: The Future of Digital Health

  • Digital health encompasses much more than telehealth in today’s healthcare environment. Along with traditional healthcare services, the evolution of Digital or eHealth is global. The digital health ecosystem includes many technologies and concepts. Understanding that stakeholders within eHealth come from all facets of industry is critical. There may be both similar and competing reasons that stakeholders are investing in eHealth, and it is important for healthcare to understand the rationale of their presence combined with the role that they play.
  • Digital health does have some considerable challenges that need to be considered within any insurance and liability analysis: regulatory, consumer concerns, ethical questions, interoperability issues, competing motivations of stakeholders, equity, and usability issues. All need to be considered and addressed within an organization.
  • Providers have risks as well: managing asynchronous care, augmented/artificial intelligence, vendor validation and selection, how programs/applications are brought into an organization, how training, use and auditing of programs occurs and usability for patients and providers alike.
  • Newer novel exposures in digital health includes providers developing and implementing technologies, digital health platforms developers, hosts, designers (of applications, software, hardware)- especially those that deal with patient care, and product manufacturers, distributors and developing technologies.
  • Digital health brings data, big data- this is the foundation to everything and a commodity. Data brings future innovations, information, improved outcomes, increased efficiencies but how can and do we manage data? We need to understand who data belongs to, and how to store and access data successfully. There are many secondary uses for data: clinical care, operational efficiencies, finance, risk/compliance, and research. In the larger healthcare ecosystem, based on the individual patient, there are a variety of types of data, many considerations for usage and data end users.

Date of Webinar

June 24, 2021 12:00 pm

Presented By

Doris Fischer-Sanchez
Willis Towers Watson

Type of Webinar

Risk Managers / Leaders