Medical Office Management Essentials: Malpractice Prevention Skills (#RiskManagement)

4th Quarter—#RiskManagement: Social Media Risks and Benefits for Your Practice

#RiskManagement: Social Media Risks and Benefits for Your Practice

Social media is everywhere. Discussions with practice management professionals reveal that social media remains a source of interest and concern. Using case scenarios, this workshop will explore the benefits social media engagement can bring to medical practices and review the techniques that can minimize potential professional liability risks. This program is designed for practices with all levels of experience and desire to incorporate it. Whether you want to, already are, or even if you have no interest in using social media, this program can support your risk management efforts. Participants will leave the program with an outline for developing a social media presence, a checklist of elements to consider in social media policies, and templates for addressing online information.  

Date of Webinar

December 9, 2021 9:00 am

Presented By

Aaron Hamming, JD, CPHRM

Type of Webinar

Office Managers & Staff