Closed Claim Study: Learning Lessons, Gaining Insights, Managing Risks

Many physicians feel that circumstances and risks surrounding professional liability or medical malpractice claims are beyond their control. This belief can be terrifying and devastating. We are going to analyze a difficult fact pattern to identify issues affecting patient safety and their professional liability implications. Preventing medical liability claims hinges upon numerous factors, but many of them, as we will see, are within a physician’s control or influence. Using expert legal insights, we will explore how sound risk management principles empower providers and protect them from the vagaries of professional liability claims.

Date of Webinar

September 28, 2021 12:00 pm

Presented By

Aaron Hamming, JD, CPHRM
Kevin Lesperance, JD
Henn Lesperance, PLC
David Busscher, JD
Henn Lesperance, PLC

Type of Webinar

Physicians & Advanced Practice Professionals