Litigation Stress and Peer Support Programs

We’re your resource when the stress of litigation, or practice, takes a toll. Through it all, MPIE will be your partner. MPIE provides support for our providers related to resilience, overall wellness, and litigation stress support.

You can access support services by contacting MPIE’s Claims Department by email at or by phone at 616-202-1799.

Litigation Stress Program

Physician burnout, stress and depression have reached near epidemic proportions according to the American Medical Association.  MPIE is your partner, and we are here to assist and support you during times of litigation, and act as a resource when stress levels escalate.

It’s normal for providers to experience stress throughout the litigation process.  Our experienced team provides encouragement and assistance navigating the litigation process to help alleviate the potential stress that may impact your wellbeing and practice.

Our Litigation and Resilience Programs provide you with the resources and support you need to understand and cope with the personal and professional stress that may be experienced as a result of the litigation process, an adverse outcome, or when the stress of practice takes a toll. MPIE provides support services for our providers related to resilience, overall wellness and litigation stress support.

The programs are available to providers upon request, and at any time during the litigation process. Our dedicated claims team will encourage participations at critical junctures during the litigation process, including:

  •   During initial suit or notice of catastrophic event
  •   At the time of deposition
  •   Prior to trial or settlement


Providers can access support services by contacting MPIE’s Claims Department by email at or by phone at 616-202-1799.

Your involvement and conversations are 100% confidential.

Note: This service will not establish or replace a patient/counselor relationship

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Peer-to-Peer Support Program

Learn about the legal process from someone who has been through it.

The MPIE Peer-to-Peer Support program is an easy-to-use, confidential resources that pairs you with a volunteer physician or an APP advocate who has traveled down the same road. 

Calls are arranged to give you first-hand feedback on the litigation process. Contact 616-202-1799 to set up a call with a Peer Supporter. 

If you have questions about this or other programs, reach out to your Claims Manager, or the MPIE Claims Department by email at or by phone at 616-202-1799.

Note: Due to HIPPA and legal privacy, calls will not cover specifics of the patient or claims at legal issue. Documents like medical records or pleadings are not shared before, during, or after calls.

For case specific questions or comments, please speak with your MPIE defense attorney.

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